Face Reading

Reconnect the fragments of your story

ELEMENTAL ARCHETYPES offers intimate online face reading consultations to reclaim your powerful beauty narrative

with Daoist wisdom

An empowering guide on

Relationships  |  Career  |  Love  |  Family  |  Ancestral Lineage  | Wealth | Trauma & Recovery


Face Reading Consultations

Elemental Archetype and Shen Spark allows you to dive deep into your narrative to reveal your hidden strengths, momentary challenges, creative treasures, ancestral lineage and wealth potential that are all revealed in the beautiful features of your face.


Our beauty is the mosaic of our ancestors' stories revealed through the subtle features of our face.


My vision is to help women deconstruct the social construct of the beauty myth and reclaim the profound beauty narrative of your truth. I integrate years of healing and training to help you reconnect the fragments of your story that is revealed in the features of your face.


 Elemental Archetypes  is my offering to help you reclaim your powerful story with profound insight to create a life of authenticity, love and wisdom.